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I’m recovering from some minor surgery this week, which basically means taking things really easy, watching too much TV, hanging out with my kids (we’ve had so many snow days this year that they are actually complaining about not getting to go to school) and catching up on my feed reading!

Here are some good links that I had bookmarked for “later.” A couple of these come courtesy of fellow evangelist Adam Trachtenberg,  currently working at eBay. A few others are from the Planet XML blog aggregator.

  • At last year’s OSCON, Adam talked about the Dirty Secrets of PHP5’s ext/soap. Adam uses Amazon’s ECS for his examples (thanks) but he should definitely upgrade to a newer version — he’s using ECS 2 and the current version is 4.
  • Sticking with the web services theme, Adam also linked to The REST Dialogues, a Real eBay Architect, and there’s also a second part. This nice interview with Dan Pritchett is a must-read for anyone who is even thinking about designing a web services API.
  • Turns out that the previous article is a takeoff on an imaginary conversation originated by Duncan Cragg.
  • Microsoft’s Dare Obasanjo asks is REST is Hazardous to Your Career? Dare’s post is a response to another one by Steven Jones who asks Want to be cool? Learn REST. Want a career? Learn WS.
  • In a somewhat old (yet still totally relevant) post, Jon Udell talks about WS-Heavy, WS-Lite, and WS-JustRight.
  • If you are putting together your own web services program, you’ll need (as I’ve outlined in several of my talks) a whole lot more than an API. You may want a blog, some forums, a news page, management of developer keys, and tracking metrics. The folks at Mashery are now offering all of this a nice package. Even better, it is powered by S3 and EC2. Read more at the Programmable Web.
  • Down the street from me is a little place called the Family Pancake House. Last week their signboard read “FULL-TIME SERVERS WANTED.” I was hoping to get a picture of this to use in a blog post, but they changed it to “BLUEBERRY PANCAKES” on me!

    Anyway, that sign made me think of the interesting ways that people are using EC2 to access servers on-demand instead of full time. The Zeroflux Blog talks about Web Clustering With Amazon EC2 and how they will use it to support the very variable processing needs behind an email campaign.

  • Finally, the Redmonk Report talks about how they decided to use a combination of S3 and ZRM to backup their data. Their article contains all of gory details needed to get everything up and running.

Ok, that’s about all. Time for a rest.

— Jeff;

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