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Major Update to the Elastic MapReduce Console

Amazon ElasticMapReduce gives you the power to quickly and easily process vast amounts of data. You can launch Hadoop clusters that span hundreds or even thousands of nodes.

We have launched a major upgrade to the Elastic MapReduce Console to improve usability and to give you access to a multitude of new features. Here’s a sampling of the new features:

  • Resize a running cluster by adding or removing instances.
  • Clone a cluster.
  • Run Hadoop 2.
  • Access custom CloudWatch metrics for Hadoop 2.
  • Target a specific Availability Zone.
  • Create clusters with IAM roles.
  • Submit multiple steps (before and after cluster creation).
  • Access EMR documentation through the new EMR Help Portal

The console also benefits from the high performance read APIs that we launched a couple of days ago.

Launch a Cluster
The new console lets you specify the entire cluster configuration on one page:

You can choose between multiple versions of both Hadoop and MapR:

You can install and configure the applications on the nodes:

You can set up bootstrap actions:

And you can create up to 256 steps:

See the Clusters
The cluster list has also been improved, with more detail and more effective color coding:

Try the new console today, and let me know what you think!

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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