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Monday Mound of Multiple Mentions

Here are a couple of cool things that I’ve run across in the last couple of days:

    • CrossAmazon is a Greasemonkey script that adds links to all of the Amazon international sites (Canada, Japan, Germany, France, and the UK) to pages served up from the US ( site.
    • The Amazon S3 Plugin for Eclipse makes it really easy to get started with S3 using Java and the Eclipse IDE. Load up Eclipse, install the plugin, and follow the directions to create a simple S3 application.
    • Alex Iskold of the Web 2.0 Journal talks about “How Amazon S3 is Going to Change the World, 5 GB at a Time.” Alex is also the author of the blueorganizer tool for Firefox, which I expect to review really soon.
    • Thomas Vanderwal asks “Is Mechanical Turk for Digital Human Filters?
    • Relate-a-zon makes a game out of finding related Amazon products.
    • The Mashup Matrix lists dozens of mashups which uses one or more of the Amazon Web Services, and many more which use other services. Here’s an idea for you: after you use the matrix to find mashups of your favorite services, wrap your brain around those empty spaces between the mashups and come up with something new!
    • If you build an application using the E-Commerce Service and you join the Amazon Associates program, you are now an affiliate marketer. If you are new to the world of affiliate marketing, you should definitely check out the Affiliate Program Tip Blog. They publish all sorts of helpful guides and articles, starting with Affiliate Marketing 101.
    • Speaking of affiliates, the Affiliate Summit conference is coming up in July and I will be there.


Ok, and that about wraps it up for tonight!

— Jeff;

Modified 2/9/2021 – In an effort to ensure a great experience, expired links in this post have been updated or removed from the original post.
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