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New Version of Bungee Connect, with Amazon FPS Support

Bungee_connect My friends over at Bungee Labs have just rolled out a new version of their web-based Bungee Connect development tool. New features include better ways to manipulate field, class, and function definitions, a statement completion control, and support for the Subversion revision control system.

Bungee Connect is currently in “early access” beta mode. You can sign up (for free) and start using it here.

They have also introduced a library to simplify the task of calling the Amazon Flexible Payment Service (FPS) using the Bungee Logic language. As you can read in Brad’s blog post, the new library is based on the REST version of the FPS API. The library handles a number of low-level details including the actual creation, signing, and issuance of requests, along with processing of the results.

Brad wrapped each FPS function and set each one up to return a Bungee object as the function value. He used the FPS WSDL file to define all of the relevant types and then added a few of his own for good measure. All of the interesting details describing how he did this are laid out in his blog post.

Using this library it is easy to make FPS calls such as Pay, Refund, and GetTransaction. The library also supports the Amazon co-branded UI pipeline with utility functions to construct the URLs needed.

— Jeff;

PS – Part 2 of my recent interview with them is now available in podcast form. Part 1 can be found here.

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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