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New VPC Features: IP Address Control and Config File Generation

We’ve added two new features to the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to make it more powerful and easier to use. Here’s the scoop:

  • IP Address Control – You can now assign the IP address of your choice to each of the EC2 instances that you launch in your Virtual Private Cloud. The address must be within the range of addresses that you designated for the VPC, it must be available for use within the instance’s network subnet, and it must not conflict with any of the addresses that are reserved for internal use by AWS. You can specify the desired address as an optional parameter to the RunInstances function. This will allow you to have additional control of your network configuration, and has been eagerly anticipated by many of our customers. Two use cases that we’ve heard about already are running DNS servers and Active Directory Domain Controllers.
  • Config File Generation – VPC can now generate configuration files (example at right) for several different types of devices including the Cisco ISR and a number of Juniper products including the J-Series Service Router, the SSG (Secure Services Gateway), and the ISG (Integrated Security Gateway). The files can be generated from the command line or from within ElasticFox. Generating the config files in this way lets you avoid common configuration issues and allows you to be up and running in minutes.
If you want to connect a Linux-based VPN gateway to your Virtual Private Cloud, take a look at Amazon VPC With Linux. This article will show you how to set up IPSec and BGP routing and includes detailed configuration information.

If you are running OpenSolaris, take a look at the OpenSolaris VPC Gateway Tool.

— Jeff;

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