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New Whitepaper: Mapping and GeoSpatial Analysis in the Cloud Using ArcGIS

Esri is one of the leaders in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industry and one of the largest privately held software companies focused on mapping and geospatial applications in the world with offices in more than 100 countries. Both public and private sector organizations use Esri technology to analyze and manage their geographic information and make better decisions uses range from planning cities and improving the quality of life for residents, to site selection, customer analytics, and streamlining logistics.

Esri and AWS have been working together since 2008 to bring the power of GIS to the masses. The AWS Partner Team recently attended the 2012 Esri International User Conference with over 14,000+ attendees, 300 exhibitors and a large number of ecosystem partners. A cloud computing theme dominated the conference.

Esri and AWS have co-authored a whitepaper, “Mapping and GeoSpatial Analysis Using ArcGIS“, to provide users who have interest in performing spatial analysis using their data with complimentary datasets. The paper discusses how users can publish and analyze imagery data (such as satellite imagery, or aerial imagery) and create and publish tile cache map services from spatially referenced data (such as data with x/y points, lines, polygons) in AWS using ArcGIS.

Download PDF: Mapping and GeoSpatial Analysis Using ArcGIS

The paper focuses on imagery because that has been the most challenging data type to manage in the cloud, but the approaches discussed are general enough to apply to any type of data. It not only provides architecture guidance on how to scale ArcGIS servers in the cloud but also provides step-by-step guidance on publishing map services in the cloud. 

For more information on GeoApps in the AWS Cloud, see the presentation – The Cloud as a Platform for Geo below:

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Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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