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Start-Up Project Customer Presentations Rock!

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For those who were eagerly waiting for the Start-Up Project Presentations, Here you go!

The Start-Up Project was an AWS-exclusive event that took place in Boston, New York City, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The next locations are Los Angeles and San Diego.

These presentations have a ton of “Lessons Learned” embedded within. Each presentation is filled with Best Practices, reference-architecture diagrams, approximate monthly bill they paid to Amazon, and some simply cool strategies. These are experiences from those who are running Amazon Web Services in Production. It showcases a nice variety too – from facebook apps to video transcoding and from digital media to geo-spatial applications – a showcase of how each business/industry/vertical is leveraging AWS.

We are really thankful to all. Paul, Don, Theron, James, Nathan, Jon, Joyce, Oren, Ilya, Francis, Kevin, Brad, Sean, Jonathan, Kris, Kyle, Mark, Max, Stevie and all those who presented. Thank You for sharing your experiences with us.

WeoGeo – Organic, Self-Healing Systems For AWS


Geezeo – Educated Financial Decisions


Praxeon – Getting to Market with Amazon AWS

AideRSS – Taming the RSS Beast


Cruxy – Digital MarketPlace and Video Transcoding Service



Mashery – On-Demand Business and technical Infrastructure for all Web Services providers


BoozeMail – Hosting Facebook Apps on AWS





Boozemail – Bootstrapping SlideShare with AWS (using S3 to avoid a VC)





SmugMug – Set Amazon’s Servers on Fire, Not Yours






ooyala – High-Quality Video



Animoto – Blog Post

I will add more as they become available.

— Jinesh

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