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Improved CloudFront Performance with EDNS-Client-Subnet Support

Amazon CloudFront automatically routes requests for your content to the nearest edge location. Behind the scenes, it uses the IP address of the DNS resolver that is making the DNS query for the content. This model worked well back in the days when a particular resolver had a single, fixed geographic location. Today, many popular […]

AWS Trusted Advisor Update – CloudFront Content Delivery Optimization

Step by step, the AWS Trusted Advisor keeps getting better and better. As you might already know, the Trusted Advisor inspects your AWS environment and makes recommendations that can save you money, increase system performance and reliability, and improve your security profile. Today we are introducing a new check (number 32 if you are keeping […]

Amazon CloudFront Now Supports Microsoft Smooth Streaming

Delivering high-quality video or audio content to web and mobile clients is a tricky endeavor. Beyond supporting a multitude of formats and device types, you need to account for frequent and dramatic changes in the quality of each customers Internet connection. Latency, available bandwidth, transmission error rates, and other factors stand to compromise the overall […]

Geographic Restriction with Amazon CloudFront

My colleague Nihar Bihani sent me a guest post to announce a new and often-requested feature for Amazon CloudFront. — Jeff; CloudFront just added a geo-restriction feature to make it easier to restrict access to your content based on the geographic location of your viewers. In early 2012 we published a tutorial that shows how […]