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New Amazon CloudFront Reporting – Learn More About Your Viewers

My colleague Jarrod Guthrie sent me a blog post with information about four new reports for CloudFront. — Jeff; Amazon CloudFront continues to add reporting features. Recently, launched we’ve usage charts, cache statistics reports, a popular object report, and near-real time operational metrics via Amazon CloudWatch. Today, CloudFront added four more reports that will give […]

AWS Data Transfer Price Reduction

I am happy to announce that we are reducing the rates for several types of AWS data transfers, effective December 1, 2014, as follows: Outbound Data Transfer – Pricing for data transfer from AWS to the Internet is now 6% to 43% lower, depending on the Region and the amount of data transferred per month. […]

Deliver Custom Content With CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront connects with other members of the AWS Family of services to deliver content to end users at high speed and with low latency. In order to get started with CloudFront, you simply create a Distribution, point it at a static or dynamic Origin running on an AWS service such as S3 or EC2 […]

Amazon CloudFront Joins the AWS Free Usage Tier

I’m pleased to be able to announce that Amazon CloudFront is now part of the AWS Free Usage Tier. If you are eligible for the Free Usage Tier, you can now transfer up to 50 Gigabytes of data and up to 2,000,000 requests per month at no charge. The usage is aggregated across all of […]