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ECS for France and Canada

As reported in CNET, we have released ECS (both 3.0 and 4.0) for France (locale ‘fr’) and for Canada (locale ‘ca’). With this release we now support all 6 Amazon-branded sites! The online documentation and the PDF have been updated. We also made changes to the ECS 4.0 WSDL in order to provide a better […]

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Featured Offers Available in ECS 3.0

You may now set the “offers” parameter to “Featured” in ECS 3.0 AsinSearch requests. Setting “offers” to “Featured” will allow you to retrieve featured merchants’ offers using ECS 3.0. A featured merchant is a vendor with whom Amazon has a special partnership and whose offers are prominently featured on Amazon product detail pages.  Prior to […]

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Migrating from ECS 3.0 to 4.0

To help you migrate your Amazon E-Commerce Service (ECS) application from ECS 3.0 to ECS 4.0, we have included a Migration Guide in the ECS 4.0 documentation. If you would like to see additional topics covered in the Migration Guide, please let us know!

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Using ECS 4 with ASP.Net

Courtesy of SitePoint, a two page tutorial — Use Amazon Web Services in ASP.NET . This article introduces the user to the general concept of a web service, covers the AWS license, caching rules, loading the WSDL into Visual Studio (the article uses the 2005 “Express” version, but the code will also work just fine […]

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