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VholdR in Action

Earlier this year I blogged about the VholdR, a wearable camera combined with a video sharing system. VholdR is designed for people who participate in action sports such as mountain biking, snowboarding, or skiing.

As noted previously, the hardware component is a small and rugged video camera suitable for use in extreme conditions — ski slopes, competitive cycling, and so forth. The camera can record 2 full hours of video on an embedded MicroSD card. Once mounted, leveled (using a pair of lasers, no less) and aimed, a single, glove-friendly switch controls the recording process. There’s also a microphone built-in.

Marc Barros, CEO of VholdR, stopped by Amazon headquarters last month and brought me up to speed on their progress. They are now in full production and now has users in 57 countries sharing videos on the site.

I am firmly in the “none of the above” category, with respect to action sports, but Marc was kind enough to leave a VholdR for me so I spent some time wandering around my house. If you watch the video embedded in this post you can see my dog, my backyard, my home office, and my bird feeders.

Marc told me that the site stores the customer’s raw, high-quality video in Amazon S3. They also do flexible, on-demand video transcoding on Amazon EC2 and store the finished files back in S3 for delivery via the website.

Of course, if you want to buy one of these devices for yourself or as a gift, you can get one at your favorite online retailer.

— Jeff;

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