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Amazon Zocalo Update – Mobile Apps + 5 TB Files

I have a couple of pieces of good news for current and potential users of Amazon Zocalo. Both items are available now and you can start using them today.

Zocalo Mobile Apps
You can use our new mobile apps to access Zocalo on your iPhone or Android device using your corporate credentials. You can work offline, make comments, and securely share documents while you are in the air or on the go! The Android app is available on the Kindle and Google Play stores. The iPhone app is in the iOS AppStore.

Here’s what the Android version of the app looks like:

And here’s the iPhone version of the app:

Support for 5 TB Files
Zocalo users have been asking us to support larger files. Many of the requests have been coming from health care and media companies. For example, one of our largest Zocalo customers is a media production company. They appreciate the fact that Zocalo stores data in S3 and asked us to match the existing S3 object size limit of 5 TB.

I am happy to report that you can now use Zocalo to upload, sync, and share files of up to 5 TB! As part of this change, the existing sync clients have been improved and now handle uploads and downloads with greater efficiency. They will now automatically resume large uploads and downloads as necessary (this feature makes use of S3’s existing support for multipart uploads).

The sync clients will prompt you to update. If youre not running a sync client already, you can install one today.


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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