AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace at re:Invent, week of December 14

Here are AWS Marketplace sessions you can register for and view at re:Invent this week! Each session is held three times, in Pacific Standard Time (PST), Singapore Standard Time (SST), and London Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) time zones. Be sure to check the linked catalog listing, as dates and times may change.

MKT208: Use data to optimize your daily fantasy sports football lineups

Over 59 million people play daily fantasy sports each year in the US. In football, it’s hard to pick the optimal lineup because there are billions of combinations. In this session, you learn how to use AWS Data Exchange and Amazon SageMaker to optimize your daily fantasy sports football lineups using data from Stats Perform, giving you a head start. You see how to train a model to provide a pool of players with the most upside and pick the best lineup from that pool, all while staying under the salary cap.

MKT206: Simplify healthcare compliance with third-party solutions

Sensitive health data must be protected to ensure patient privacy, and healthcare organizations need to ensure that IT infrastructure is compliant with changing policies and regulations. In this session, learn how healthcare providers can address compliance challenges through secure cloud solutions from independent software vendors and consulting partners and how to easily get these third-party software solutions running on AWS. Hear from Redsson on its compliance journey, including how Redsson achieved compliance objectives with third-party software available in AWS Marketplace.

MKT209: Accelerate machine learning projects with pretrained models

Insufficient enterprise AI adoption often happens due to lack of time, data, and skills required to develop ML models for solving your business problems. In this session, learn how pretrained ML models—available in AWS Marketplace and deployed with Amazon SageMaker—can help you quickly add new ML features in your applications and enable you to prove the value of powering your applications with AI to your leadership. Learn how to explore, test, deploy, and integrate ML models securely in your existing production application.

MKT201: Accelerate application modernization with off-the-shelf containers

Organizations use AWS container services (Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, and AWS Fargate) to build modern applications that are agile, scalable, and cost-effective. To accelerate their path toward adopting containers, users often look for off-the-shelf container products to meet their production use cases. In this session, learn how Schneider Electric used software from Kubecost to gain cost visibility and optimize its container workloads. Learn how Schneider Electric identified and implemented the best solution that met its needs, and how Schneider sped up the software procurement process by using AWS Marketplace.

To find out more, visit the re:Invent virtual event page. If you miss any of these sessions, they will be available on demand after December 18.