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Position2’s Arena Calibrate helps customers drive marketing efficiency with Amazon QuickSight Embedded

This is a guest post by Vinod Nambiar from Position2. In this post, we share how Arena Calibrate helps our customers drive marketing efficiency using Amazon QuickSight Embedded. Position2 is a leading US-based growth marketing services provider focused on data-driven strategy and technology to deliver growth with improved return on investment (ROI). Position2 was established […]

iostudio delivers key metrics to public sector recruiters with Amazon QuickSight

This is a guest post by Jon Walker and Ari Orlinsky from iostudio written in collaboration with Sumitha AP from AWS. In this post, we discuss how we built a solution using Amazon QuickSight that delivers real-time visibility of key metrics to public sector recruiters. iostudio is an award-winning marketing agency based in Nashville, TN. […]

Showpad accelerates data maturity to unlock innovation using Amazon QuickSight

In this post, we share how Showpad used Amazon QuickSight to streamline data and insights access across teams and customers. Showpad aligns sales and marketing teams around impactful content and powerful training, helping sellers engage with buyers and generate the insights needed to continuously improve conversion rates. In 2021, Showpad set forth the vision to […]