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How used embedded analytics dashboards to create a new, user-friendly product is a platform that helps users pull useful business insights out of public government procurement data in the Dominican Republic. lets users view government contract information fast enough to capitalize on opportunities with the help of an embedded analytics dashboard for analyzing historical contract data. Built from the ground up with Amazon QuickSight and an AWS architecture, makes it straightforward for users to learn about and track relevant new opportunities in their industry, do strategic market research, find potential partnerships among suppliers, create proactive marketing plans, and automate their requests for proposal (RFP) reply documents. In this post, we discuss how delivers embedded analytics using QuickSight to help customers maximize bid competitiveness.

iostudio delivers key metrics to public sector recruiters with Amazon QuickSight

This is a guest post by Jon Walker and Ari Orlinsky from iostudio written in collaboration with Sumitha AP from AWS. In this post, we discuss how we built a solution using Amazon QuickSight that delivers real-time visibility of key metrics to public sector recruiters. iostudio is an award-winning marketing agency based in Nashville, TN. […]

SANS Institute uses Amazon QuickSight to drive transformational security awareness maturity within organizations

This is a guest post by Carl Marrelli from SANS Institute. In this post, we go over how SANS Institute uses Amazon QuickSight to serve their security customers. The SANS Institute is a world leader in cybersecurity training and certification. For over 30 years, SANS has worked with leading organizations to help ensure security across […]

Clickedu uses Amazon QuickSight Embedded to empower school administrators with key educational institution health insights

This is a guest post by Ignasi Nogués and Georgina Valls from Clickedu. With more than 1.5 million unique users across 700 schools and core values that include connectivity, reliability, and innovation, Clickedu is the leading educational platform in Spain. Offering both a school administration system and a digital learning environment, Clickedu is one of […]

California State University Chancellor’s Office reduces cost and improves efficiency using Amazon QuickSight for streamlined HR reporting in higher education

The California State University Chancellor’s Office (CSUCO) sits at the center of America’s most significant and diverse 4-year universities. The California State University (CSU) serves approximately 477,000 students and employs more than 55,000 staff and faculty members across 23 universities and 7 off-campus centers. The CSU provides students with opportunities to develop intellectually and personally, […]

ConexED uses Amazon QuickSight to empower its institutional partners by unifying and curating powerful insights using engagement data

This post was co-written with Michael Gorham, Co-Founder and CTO of ConexED. ConexED is one of the country’s fastest-growing EdTech companies designed specifically for education to enhance the student experience and elevate student success. Founded as a startup in 2008 to remove obstacles that hinder student persistence and access to student services, ConexED provides advisors, […]