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The Powered by QuickSight Roadshow is coming to a city near you

The Powered by QuickSight (PbQ) program supports AWS software partners across your embedded analytics journey, meeting you to provide build and go-to-market support wherever you’re looking for expertise and guidance. With over 20 PbQ events successfully completed worldwide in 2023, come join us and hear from fellow developers and product owners on how QuickSight has supercharged their apps with fast, straightforward, and powerful analytics.

Build a seamless interaction between your application and embedded Amazon QuickSight dashboards and visuals using embedded callback actions

Amazon QuickSight is a fully managed, cloud-native business intelligence (BI) service that makes it straightforward to connect to your data, create interactive dashboards, and share these with tens of thousands of users, either within the QuickSight interface or embedded in software as a service (SaaS) applications or web portals. With QuickSight providing insights to power daily decisions across the organization, end-users expect actionable insights that can flow seamlessly into their daily workflow in their application of choice. This allows you to make data-driven decisions and take action on these decisions without context switching between multiple platforms. With this release, customers embedding QuickSight dashboards or visuals can now use new capabilities in the Embedding SDK to unlock use cases for end readers.

Simplify business intelligence identity management with Amazon QuickSight and AWS IAM Identity Center

Amazon QuickSight is now an AWS IAM Identity Center enabled application. This capability allows administrators that subscribe to QuickSight to use IAM Identity Center to enable their users to login using their existing credentials. QuickSight is a scalable, serverless, machine learning (ML)-powered business intelligence (BI) solution that makes it simple to connect to your data, […]

Visualize hierarchical data using the hierarchy layout for pivot tables in Amazon QuickSight

Are you finding it cumbersome to scroll horizontally in pivot tables to see all your row fields? Are you dealing with data that has a hierarchical structure, like cost center or product hierarchies? If you are, then there’s exciting news for you! Amazon QuickSight now offers a new layout option called hierarchy layout for pivot […]

Automate financial statements using Amazon QuickSight Snapshot Export APIs

Financial statements are a set of documents that contain formal records of financial activities of a business at a specific point in time. For example, a profit and loss (P&L) statement summarizes the revenues, expenses, and resulting net profit or loss of a business. It is a snapshot of the organization’s financial performance, starting from […]

Announcing Generative BI capabilities in Amazon QuickSight

Generative BI capabilities for dashboard authoring are now in Public Preview! Read more. Data is a connective force that accelerates business growth. However, despite significant investments in data analytics, organizations often don’t use data-driven insights to make business decisions. Why? Among other reasons, traditional business intelligence (BI) tools force you to invest in time-consuming processes […]

Introducing field-based coloring experience for Amazon QuickSight

Color plays a crucial role in visualizations. It conveys meaning, captures attention, and enhances aesthetics. You can quickly grasp important information when key insights and data points pop with color. However, it’s important to use color judiciously to enhance readability and ensure correct interpretation. Color should also be accessible and consistent to enable users to […]

Build and share a business capability model with Amazon QuickSight

The technology landscape has been evolving rapidly, with waves of change impacting IT from every angle. It is causing a ripple effect across IT organizations and shifting the way IT delivers applications and services. The change factors impacting IT organizations include: The shift from a traditional application model to a services-based application model (SaaS, PaaS) […]

Vega Cloud brings FinOps solutions to their customers faster by embedding Amazon QuickSight

This is a guest post authored by Kris Bliesner and Mike Brown from Vega Cloud. Vega Cloud is a premier member of the FinOps Foundation, a program by Linux Foundation supporting FinOps practitioners on cloud financial management best practices. Vega Cloud provides a place where finance, engineers, and innovators come together to accelerate the business […]