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Announcing the Amazon QuickSight Community Developer Corner

The Amazon QuickSight Community was launched in February 2022 to serve as a one-stop-shop where Business Intelligence (BI) authors and developers from across the globe can access learning content, ask and answer questions, stay up-to-date, network, and learn together about Amazon QuickSight. Amazon QuickSight powers data-driven organizations with unified business intelligence (BI) at hyperscale. With QuickSight, all users can meet varying analytic needs from the same source of truth through modern interactive dashboards, paginated reports, embedded analytics, and natural language queries.

In this post, we’ll walk through the resources offered in the QuickSight Community, highlighting the newly launched Developer Corner for application developers, which showcases QuickSight’s embedded analytics capabilities across all facets of the customer experience. We’ll also explain the benefits you’ll gain from signing up for the Amazon QuickSight Community.

A one-stop-shop for your BI learning journey

The QuickSight Community is the one-stop shop for your BI learning journey. Get access to everything you need for learning about Amazon QuickSight—documentation, workshops, YouTube videos, Demo Central, blogs, events, and more in

All your learning resources in one place

Let’s take a deep dive on the learning content in the QuickSight Community:

  • Searchable Q&A – Ask and answer QuickSight questions, showcase your expertise, and explore suggested searches. Secure responses from trusted sources, like our Solution Architects, Partners, and Experts.
  • Learning Center – A central hub for on-demand resources:
  • What’s New / Blog – Learn about the latest QuickSight feature launches and announcements. (Click the bell in the top right corner in this section to receive notifications.) You can also visit the new AWS Business Intelligence Blog to dive deeper.
  • Events – Register for online and in-person QuickSight events across the globe. Join us for user group meetups, our weekly QuickSight Learning Series (Tuesdays/Thursdays, online), monthly New Features Deep Dive (1st Fridays, online), monthly Immersion Days (2nd, 3rd and last Wednesdays, online), AWS Global Summits, Powered by QuickSight events, and more. Most events are free! Bookmark the calendar view to stay up-to-date. Also, subscribe to tags, like “London,” “Spanish,” “Japanese, “in-person” or “online” to get notified about events or content that is important to you. To do so, click on the tag and then the bell in the top right corner.
  • QuickSight at AWS re:Invent: Leading up to and during the AWS re:Invent conference for cloud enthusiasts from around the world, learn about QuickSight sessions, meetups, daily schedule, parties, “know before you go” information, and feature launches!

New – Developer Corner – learn about embedded analytics

The QuickSight Community now hosts a Developer Corner that offers centralized access for learning about QuickSight’s embedded analytics capabilities. The new Developer Corner serves as the gateway for learning how to quickly and easily embed QuickSight dashboards, visuals and Q&A into apps, websites and portals. Customers can start here to get an overview of one-click embedding, API-based embedding, and more.

Explore the new Developer Corner

In addition, Developer Corner offers these learning resources for Application Developers:

  • Getting Started – Learn about embedded analytics and QuickSight.
  • Demos – Explore embedding in action with Demo Central and Developer Portal.
  • APIs + SDK – Dive deep into documentation, download the Technical Onboarding Guide, and expedite and customize your embedded analytics.
  • What’s New – Check out our embedded analytics blog posts and find out about new features.
  • How-To Videos – Hear from experts about embedded analytics.
  • Developer Q&A – Ask embedding questions and search for answers.

Watch this 30-second video about Developer Corner, with our Developer Corner liaison, Julia Bernstein.

Share your feedback about the Developer Corner.

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In this post, we discussed how you can take your QuickSight learning to the next level via the QuickSight Community and new Developer Corner. When you sign up as a QuickSight Community member, you can:

  • Get answers to your questions.
  • Get recognized as a QuickSight Expert by serving as a top question answerer in the community – and get SWAG!
  • Click the bell icon to get notified about events and topics/tags that interest you.
  • Write a How-To article on the Community.
  • Contact Kristin Mandia (, Sr. Online Community Manager for Amazon QuickSight, to learn more about contributing to the Community.

The QuickSight Community is the one-stop-shop for all of your QuickSight learning needs.

Sign up for the QuickSight Community, check out the new Developer Corner, and start learning about Amazon QuickSight today!

About the Authors

Kristin Mandia is the Senior Online Community Manager for Amazon QuickSight, AWS’ cloud-native, fully managed BI service.

Katie Connolly has been with Amazon Web Services for 8+ years and is a Senior Product Manager for Amazon QuickSight, AWS’ cloud-native, fully managed BI service.