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Relive the excitement of re:invent 2022 with 3 Amazon Connect customer stories

In 2022, re:Invent returned to in-person gathering of over 50,000 attendees and exciting line-up of launches, keynotes, and sessions. Attendees witnessed new solutions, and delved deep into customer experience innovation, particularly with regards to Amazon Connect. This includes many new trailblazing capabilities including new chat analytics, Agent Workspace, and capacity planning tools. If you missed it, take a moment to learn more about the exciting launches which were announced during Adam Selipsky’s keynote!

Attendees also had a chance to hear stories from Amazon Connect customers who took the re:Invent stage, to share how their CX teams are able to deliver personalized and automated experiences for their customers, full suites of ML-powered tools for their agents, and optimized insights and operations for their managers. These stories are what drive us to continuously innovate and expand what’s possible for our customer.

This blog covers how Amazon Connect customer experiences inspired the re:Invent audience to rethink the experiences they’re delivering to their customers.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet fully equips their agents with a unified experience

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s (KYTC) mission is to provide a “safe, efficient, environmentally sound” transportation system for Kentucky citizens.

KYTC agents support Kentucky residents by answering questions and managing hundreds of daily requests ranging from license renewals to more complex commercial vehicle permits to ensure the KYTC mission is upheld.

However, the previous contact center provider made it very difficult for KYTC agents to keep pace with the rising demand from citizens. It lacked reliability, scalability, and the necessary tools their agent required to resolve a multitude of customer inquiries.

The issues led KYTC to migrate their call-center solution and they chose Amazon Connect as their next generation contact center which:

–       Gave them customizable features

–       Enabled a “chatbot” across all channels to respond to inquires and initiate the conversations

–       Created “a spirit of innovation” with an achievable product roadmap

Following their migration, KYTC automated 90 percent of live chat conversations, cut its average handling time from over five minutes to 3.3 minutes, and reduced agent onboarding time from four to two weeks.

Watch the full session by clicking on the video link.

Fujitsu optimizes their CX with innovative use of their data

Fujitsu is a global leader of personal computers (PCs), servers, optical communication equipment, and IT services – supporting over 150 service desks worldwide. As you can imagine, modernizing each and every service desk was incredibly challenging, with their speed of innovation being thwarted by a complex swamp of legacy systems.

Fujitsu initially chose Amazon Connect to quell rising annual licensing costs but soon realized the next-generation features that were available to them. These new capabilities would improve the response time and workforce utilization, further improve Fujitsu’s operating expenses.

Alex Sanchez, Head of Global Offering Technology and GDC Networks at Fujitsu, said: “We needed to build more than a platform. We needed to build an entire ecosystem.”

Fujitsu focused on four key areas:

1.    A Dynamic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to harnesses skill-based routing, and advanced IVR capabilities.

2.    3rd Party Data Integration to easily ingest data from external sources.

3.    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to automate agent workflows and customer experiences

4.    Security Improvements

This helped reduce costs by 50%, call recording costs by 80%, and enabled contact flows to be built in 2 hours, compared to 20 hours that it previously took.

Watch the full session by clicking on the video link.

Adobe goes digital-first

Abode’s customer service operations handled a wide variety of contacts, from enterprises, SMBs, and consumers.

Adobe’s previous contact center provider faced frequent outages and disjointed interactions across voice and chat. They sought a technology partner that strived for innovation, flexibility, and scale.

Ready for change, they decided to migrate to Amazon Connect to:

–       Provide seamless omnichannel experiences

–       Become more personalized using AI & ML

As a result of the migration and hosting a quick three-day hackathon, led by the AWS professional services team, they evaluated Amazon Connect to be the right omnichannel solution for their needs.

Watch the full session by clicking on the video link.

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