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What’s new with Amazon Connect in 2024: Empowering CX transformation

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, delivering exceptional customer experiences is paramount. Customers expect seamless, personalized support across every touch point, and businesses are constantly seeking new ways to meet these evolving demands. As an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cloud contact center solution, Amazon Connect is helping organizations across industries leverage the latest advancements in technology to […]

Provide WhatsApp messaging as a channel with Amazon Connect

EDITOR NOTE: This blog is an example starter project designed to provide a demonstration and basis for builders to create their own solutions. It should not be considered Production-ready. If you plan to deploy and use this in a Production environment please review Using this in Production for additional guidance. If you need additional support […]

Redacting sensitive data in the chat message streaming API for Amazon Connect

Introduction Organizations today strive to provide increasingly personalized customer journeys. For example, up-selling new products based on history of interest in related products. Data collection drives the ability for businesses to personalize – data is valuable and the more collected, the more impact a personalized experience can have. Businesses must be able however to balance […]