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Use shared VPC subnets in Amazon EKS

Introduction In the ever-changing landscape of cloud computing, organizations continue to face the challenge of effectively managing their virtual network environments. To address this challenge, many organizations have embraced shared Amazon virtual private clouds (VPCs) as a means to streamline network administration, and reduce costs. Shared VPCs not only provide these advantages but also enable […]

Multi-account infrastructure provisioning with AWS Control Tower and AWS Proton

Introduction The majority of the enterprise customers tend to establish centralize control and well-architected organization-wide policies when it comes to distribution of cloud resources in multiple teams. These teams are primarily divided into three categories: IT operations, Enterprise Security, and Application (App)-development. While delivery of business value from application standpoint falls under the purview of […]

ROSA sign in screen when enabled

Managing ROSA subscriptions at scale

One aspect of operating applications at scale is managing software in a manner that provides control as well as caters for self service and agility. As the modernization of applications and overall business processes takes place, agility requirements drive the need for teams to have access to the tools they require. How does a large-scale […]