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Multi-account infrastructure provisioning with AWS Control Tower and AWS Proton

Introduction The majority of the enterprise customers tend to establish centralize control and well-architected organization-wide policies when it comes to distribution of cloud resources in multiple teams. These teams are primarily divided into three categories: IT operations, Enterprise Security, and Application (App)-development. While delivery of business value from application standpoint falls under the purview of […]

How RGC Genetics Center achieved infrastructure automation at scale using AWS Proton

This post was co-written with Rouel Lanche, Associate Director IT Architect, Regeneron Introduction Regeneron is a leading biotechnology company that invents, develops, and commercializes life-transforming medicines for people with serious diseases. Founded and led for 35 years by physician-scientists, Regeneron’s unique ability to repeatedly and consistently translate science into medicine has led to numerous FDA-approved […]

Scaling IaC and CI/CD pipelines with Terraform, GitHub Actions, and AWS Proton

Introduction Modern applications run on a variety of compute platforms in AWS including serverless services such as AWS Lambda, AWS App Runner, and AWS Fargate. Organizations today are often required to support architectures using a variety of these AWS services, each offering unique runtime characteristics, such as concurrency and scaling, which can be purpose fit […]

Announcing Git-based service deployments with service sync for AWS Proton

Introduction Today, AWS Proton announced service sync, a new feature that allows application developers to configure and deploy their Proton services using Git. With this feature, developers can sync their AWS Proton service with a configuration defined in a Git repository, allowing them to use Git features, like version control and pull requests, to configure, […]

Announcing AWS CDK Support and CodeBuild Provisioning for AWS Proton

Announcing AWS CDK Support and CodeBuild Provisioning for AWS Proton

Introduction Today, AWS Proton announced CodeBuild provisioning, which allows customers to define a series of commands to determine how Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates get deployed via AWS Proton. With CodeBuild provisioning, customers can use the IaC tool of their choice, such as the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) when defining templates. Previous to […]

AWS Proton Dashboard

Introducing the AWS Proton dashboard

Introduction Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the AWS Proton Dashboard, which is a single dashboard pane to view all the AWS Proton resources created to manage templates and deploy infrastructure. For customers who use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to manage shared resource environments and service-specific infrastructure, the AWS Proton dashboard makes […]

How GPO Achieved Infrastructure Provisioning Efficiency using AWS Proton

How GPO achieved infrastructure provisioning efficiency from weeks to minutes using AWS Proton

This post was co-written by Joshua Major, VP of Engineering, GPO, and Jesse Varnado, Director of Engineering, GPO. Introduction AWS Proton is a managed service for platform engineers to increase the pace of innovation by defining, vending, and maintaining infrastructure templates for self-service deployments. With AWS Proton, customers can standardize centralized templates to meet security, […]

Achieve Consistent Application-level Tagging for Cost Tracking in AWS

Introduction As organizations transform their business or grow due to market demand, they often struggle to implement the right tools to understand their AWS footprint and associated cost. A large AWS footprint may include multiple AWS accounts, different infrastructure environments, and application environments for specific projects. The complexity of this footprint grows by an order […]

title image: Provisioning infrastructure using the AWS Proton open source Backstage plugin

Provisioning infrastructure using the AWS Proton open-source Backstage plugin

Introduction The concept of the Internal Developer Platform (IDP) is becoming increasingly popular as it’s an innovative way for organizations to boost development velocity and reduce time to market. The IDP provides a set of shared capabilities that provide a standardized way for development teams to deploy applications to production. It is common for these […]

Title image: Using AWS Proton as a provisioning mechanism for Amazon EKS clusters

Using AWS Proton as a provisioning mechanism for Amazon EKS clusters

AWS customers have a number of options they can use to deploy Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) clusters. They can use the EKS console workflows, the eksctl CLI, the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK), or several other options. There is often a single Ops-savvy user (or team) picking one of these options to […]