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Run an active-active multi-region Kubernetes application with AppMesh and EKS

Run an active-active multi-region Kubernetes application with AppMesh and EKS

As application architects we have come across many customers who are moving towards a container-only strategy for their most critical application workloads. While using managed container services like Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), and AWS Fargate make it easy to manage complex workloads, AWS offers a lot more in terms […]

Building a fault tolerant architecture with a Bulkhead Pattern on AWS App Mesh

When packaging and deploying APIs into containers services, it is common for each service to serve more than one responsibility or many downstream dependencies. In such scenarios, the failure during the execution of one responsibility can often spread to the entire application and causing a systemic failure. Let’s look at an example: imagine an e-commerce […]

Sending Envoy metrics from AWS App Mesh to Amazon CloudWatch

With AWS customers adopting AWS App Mesh with Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS, we have seen them with the following request on multiple occasions. This post will demonstrate the mechanism of getting metrics from Envoy to CloudWatch. “We have adopted AWS App Mesh as a service mesh solution for application-level networking for our micro services […]

Running microservices in Amazon EKS with AWS App Mesh and Kong

This post was created in collaboration with Claudio Acquaviva, Solution Engineer, Kong, and Morgan Davies, Kong Alliances. A service mesh is transparent infrastructure layer that has become a common architectural pattern for intra-service communication. By combining Amazon EKS and AWS App Mesh, you form a powerful platform for your microservices, addressing technical requirements that occur […]

re:Invent 2020: AWS Containers Track

re:Invent is a free, 3-week virtual conference that will be held November 30 – December 18, 2020. Starting this week, registered attendees can access scheduled and on-demand sessions on topics across AWS Services. In this post, we’ll cover the Containers track, featuring sessions on Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, AWS Fargate, Amazon ECR, and AWS App […]

Securing Kubernetes applications with AWS App Mesh and cert-manager

Updated Sept. 24, 2021 – This post has been amended to include a newly available option to integrate cert-manager with AWS Private CA to issue certificates. While working with customers on their projects, I often hear “I want to secure all my traffic with granular encryption-in-transit, close to application code, but decouple security from it.” […]

Enable traffic encryption between services in AWS App Mesh using AWS Certificate Manager or customer-provided certificates

Today, we announce the general availability of an AWS App Mesh feature that enables traffic encryption between services using AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) or customer-provided certificates. We sought feedback from our customers last year through the AWS App Mesh roadmap issues #38 and #39 and the features were made available on the AWS App Mesh […]

Using sidecar injection on Amazon EKS with AWS App Mesh

AWS App Mesh works on the sidecar pattern where you must add containers to extend the behavior of existing containers. Kubernetes offers mutating admission controllers that allow operations teams to automate sidecar injection. In this post, I discuss the basics of the sidecar pattern and Kubernetes admission controllers and demonstrate how the App Mesh Sidecar […]