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Use Ansible to bootstrap external container instances with Amazon ECS Anywhere

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) is a fully managed container orchestration service that helps you deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications. Within Amazon ECS there is a concept known as Capacity, which is the infrastructure where your containers run. Amazon ECS provides multiple options: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances in the AWS Cloud, AWS […]

Adding Storage using OpenEBS on EKS Anywhere

Adding Storage using OpenEBS on EKS Anywhere

Overview Amazon EKS Anywhere (EKS Anywhere) is an opinionated and automated deployment of the Amazon EKS Distro that enables users to create and operate Kubernetes clusters on user-managed infrastructure. EKS Anywhere does not include a Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver for persistence. In this post, we setup OpenEBS to provide persistence using the disks available in […]

Deploy an Amazon EKS cluster across AWS Outposts with Intra-VPC communication

Introduction Intra-VPC Communication enables network communication between subnets in the same Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) across multiple physical AWS Outposts using the Outposts local gateways (LGW) via direct VPC routing. With this feature, you can leverage a single Amazon VPC architecture for communication between applications and services running on disparate AWS Outposts. You […]

On-premises egress design patterns for Amazon EKS

Introduction When adopting a Kubernetes platform, architect teams are often highly focused on INGRESS traffic patterns. Why? Kubernetes has a first-class support for in-cluster traffic flows as well as into-cluster traffic flow implemented by ClusterIP and the INGRESS constructs .The object model allows the load balancing of Kubernetes pods natively and also extends the constructs […]

Implementing application load balancing of Amazon ECS Anywhere workloads using Traefik Proxy

Introduction With Amazon ECS Anywhere, you can run and manage containers on any customer-managed infrastructure using the same cloud-based, fully managed, and highly scalable container orchestration service you use in AWS today. Amazon ECS Anywhere provides support for registering an external instance, such as an on-premises server or virtual machine (VM), to your Amazon ECS […]

Fully private local clusters for Amazon EKS on AWS Outposts powered by VPC Endpoints

Introduction Recently, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) added support for local clusters on AWS Outposts racks. In a nutshell, this deployment option allows our customers to run the entire Kubernetes cluster (i.e., control plane and worker nodes) on AWS Outposts racks. The rationale behind this deployment option is often described as static stability. In […]

Blue/Green Kubernetes upgrades for Amazon EKS Anywhere using Flux

Introduction Amazon EKS Anywhere (Amazon EKS-A) allows customers to run containerized workloads on customer-managed hardware. Amazon EKS-A cluster upgrades are performed in place using a rolling process (similar to Kubernetes Deployments). Upgrades can only happen one minor version at a time (e.g., version 1.20 to 1.21) and Control plane components will be upgraded before worker […]

Multi-cluster management for Kubernetes with Cluster API and Argo CD

Multi-cluster management for Kubernetes with Cluster API and Argo CD

Introduction Customers are moving to cloud thanks to its scalability and cost-effectiveness. Some are adopting Kubernetes to modernize their workloads for a more agile way to iterate and deliver time-to-market services or product features to their customers. As the number of clusters to be managed increases, customers struggle with different deployment mechanisms and application programming […]

Read our blog post about stretching your on-premises environment to AWS using Amazon ECS Anywhere.

Stretching your on-premises environment to AWS using Amazon ECS Anywhere

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) allows customers to run container workloads in AWS on AWS-managed infrastructure as well as on customer-managed infrastructure using Amazon ECS Anywhere. Whether on premises or in the cloud, customers have a consistent cluster management, workload scheduling, and monitoring experience with Amazon ECS. Amazon ECS Anywhere lets you have a […]

Getting started with Amazon EKS Anywhere on Bare Metal

Getting started with Amazon EKS Anywhere on Bare Metal

We are happy to announce the general availability of Amazon EKS Anywhere on Bare Metal. We released Amazon EKS Anywhere in 2021 with support to run on-premises Kubernetes clusters using VMware and today you can use EKS Anywhere to provision clusters without virtualization. The new functionality adds support for managing the full hardware lifecycle to […]