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How Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS helps NRI Digital with database performance monitoring

This guest post is co-authored by Ryota Shima, Application Architect, and Kazuki Matsumura, Lead Architect at NRI Digital. NRI Digital has a wide variety of systems in production, both on-premises and cloud-based. Among them, many systems are built on AWS, and Amazon Aurora and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) are often used as the […]

Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS under the hood

Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS is a new capability for Amazon DevOps Guru that helps developers using Amazon Aurora database instances detect, diagnose, and resolve database performance issues fast and at scale. DevOps Guru for RDS uses machine learning (ML) to automatically identify and analyze a wide range of performance-related database issues, such as over-utilization […]