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Migrate an Informix database to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL using CData Connect Cloud from within AWS Glue Studio

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition is a fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database engine running in AWS and is a drop-in replacement for PostgreSQL. Aurora PostgreSQL is cost-effective to set up, operate, and scale, and can be deployed for new or existing applications. Informix is a relational database management system from IBM and supports OLTP and other workloads. […]

Generate suggestions for leisure activities in real time with Amazon Neptune

DoGet App is a mobile application that connects friends for sharing in-person moments together. Suggestions for activities to engage in with friends are presented to users in card deck format: swiping up indicates no interest in an activity, and swiping down indicates interest and prompts a follow-up on when a user is available (such as […]

How Twilio modernized its Messaging Postflight service data store with Amazon DynamoDB

Twilio is a customer engagement platform that drives real-time, personalized experiences for leading brands. Twilio has democratized communications channels like voice, text, chat, and video by virtualizing the world’s telecommunications infrastructure through APIs that are simple enough for any developer to use, yet robust enough to power the world’s most demanding applications. Twilio supports an […]

How Broadridge used Amazon Managed Blockchain to build a private equity lifecycle management solution

Broadridge Financial Solutions (NYSE: BR), a global Fintech leader with more than $5 billion in revenues, provides the critical infrastructure that powers investing, corporate governance, and communications to enable better financial lives. We deliver technology-driven solutions that drive digital transformation for banks, broker-dealers, asset and wealth managers and public companies. Broadridge’s infrastructure serves as a […]

How Deliveroo migrated their Dispatcher service to Amazon DynamoDB

Deliveroo operates a hyperlocal, three-sided marketplace, connecting local consumers, restaurants and grocers, and riders to fulfil purchases in under 30 minutes. By offering fast and reliable delivery that consumers can track online, Deliveroo has grown rapidly. It operates in several markets worldwide, working with thousands of restaurants, grocers, and riders, and serving millions of consumers. […]

Motivations for migration to Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed, serverless, key-value NoSQL database for single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. DynamoDB offers built-in security, continuous backups, automated multi-Region replication, 99.999% availability SLA, and data import and export tools. DynamoDB was built working backward from the needs of external customers and internally at to overcome the scale and […]

a-tune accelerates their AWS migrations using migration strategy and implementation plans from Amazon Database Migration Accelerator

AWS launched Amazon Database Migration Accelerator (Amazon DMA) to accelerate your journey to AWS Databases and Analytics services and achieve cloud adoption benefits such as cost savings and performance improvements. In this post, we share how the Amazon DMA team helped a-tune accelerate their migrations to AWS Databases and Analytics services. a-tune offers data and […]

Evolution of Koo’s database and how they connected millions of voices using Amazon DynamoDB

This post is co-authored with Vivek Yadav from Koo. Koo is a global micro-blogging platform that allows users to share their thoughts and opinions in various languages. Launched in March 2020, the app has quickly gained immense popularity, with millions of users joining the platform to share their views and connect with like-minded individuals. In […]

Security is time series: How VMware Carbon Black improves and scales security observability with Amazon Timestream

Amazon Timestream is a fast, serverless, and secure time series database and analytics service that can scale to process trillions of time series events per day. Organizations are dealing with an increasing amount of security data, generated in logs and events, needed to quickly and effectively address potential security threats. Because security data (logs, metrics, […]

Power microservices architectures with Amazon MemoryDB for Redis

Applications in the past were monolithic and rigid, and their components were closely coupled with each other, making them difficult to develop, maintain, and adapt to changing business requirements. Today’s businesses need to deliver changes rapidly, frequently and reliably. To overcome these issues, organizations are moving from development of monolithic applications to microservices architectures for […]