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Prepare for Babelfish migration with the AWS SCT assessment report

Database migrations typically consist of converting the database schema and loading the data from the source database to the target database. After the migration, developers still need to change the application to use the target database drivers, and they often need to rewrite the application code to make it all work. With Babelfish for Aurora […]

Migrate from SQL Server to Aurora PostgreSQL using SSIS and Babelfish

Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL understands T-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server’s proprietary SQL dialect, and supports the same communications protocol, so your applications that were originally written for SQL Server can now work with Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition with fewer code changes. With Babelfish, you still have to migrate the data from your SQL Server database to […]

Get started with Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL

Enterprises that want to migrate from a SQL Server database engine to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition typically convert the database schema from one database to another, then take data from the first database and load it into the target database. This process tends to be error-prone and requires quite a bit of work after the […]

Run SQL Server Reporting Services reports against Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL

Enterprises running their application workload on Microsoft SQL Server want to migrate to license-free databases like Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition but they rely on SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for analytics and dashboards. Customers are looking for options where they can migrate application databases to Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible and continue to use SSRS. AWS provides tools […]

Modernize and containerize a legacy MVC .NET application with Entity Framework to .NET Core with Entity Framework Core: Part 3

This post is part three of a series, and shows the steps to modernize a legacy SQL Server database to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition using Babelfish. Babelfish is a capability of Amazon Aurora that allows it to understand the SQL Server dialect. In Part 1, we walked you through a step-by-step approach to re-architect a […]

Migrate from SQL Server to Amazon Aurora using Babelfish

Enterprise customers have repeatedly told us they want to migrate to open-source databases such as PostgreSQL. You can choose from several different ways to migrate your data and database schema from SQL Server to PostgreSQL. However, after the initial database migration is completed, manually rewriting application code, switching out database drivers, and verifying that the […]

Modify SSIS packages from SQL Server to Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL

Customers want to migrate from SQL Server to license-free databases like Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL–Compatible Edition, but it takes considerable work from an application point of view. Applications have SQL Server database code written in T-SQL; to modify that takes effort and is time-consuming. With Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL, you can make this process much simpler […]