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Amazon ElastiCache introduces support for Redis 6.2

In October 2020, we announced Redis 6 compatibility for Amazon ElastiCache for Redis. This update included significant features like role-based access control (RBAC), client-side caching, and several operational improvements designed to improve application availability and reliability. Specifically, Amazon ElastiCache improved replication under low memory conditions, especially for workloads with medium and large-sized keys, by reducing […]

Monitoring best practices with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis using Amazon CloudWatch

Monitoring is an important part of maintaining the reliability, availability, and performance of your Amazon ElastiCache resources. This post shows you how to maintain a healthy Redis cluster and prevent disruption using Amazon CloudWatch and other external tools. We also discuss methods to anticipate and forecast scaling needs.

Configure Amazon ElastiCache for Redis for higher availability

This post was updated 3/10/2021 to include additional features and enhancements to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis. Amazon ElastiCache has become synonymous with real-time applications. Redis’ high performance, simplicity, and support for diverse data structures have made it one of the most popular non-relational key value stores. With the growth of business-critical, real-time use cases on […]

Powering recommendation models using Amazon ElastiCache for Redis at Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) is a dating application that serves potential matches to over 1.5 million users daily. Our motto is “quality over quantity” because we focus on bringing a fun, safe, and quality dating experience that results in meaningful relationships. To deliver on these promises, every match we serve has to fulfill a strict […]

Monitor Amazon ElastiCache for Redis (cluster mode disabled) read replica endpoints using AWS Lambda, Amazon Route 53, and Amazon SNS

In Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, your applications use the provided endpoints to connect to an ElastiCache node or cluster. According to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis Components and Features in the ElastiCache for Redis User Guide, a multiple-node Redis (cluster mode disabled) cluster has two kinds of endpoints: “The primary endpoint always connects to the primary […]

How to build a real-time sales analytics dashboard with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Most often, when we discuss Amazon ElastiCache, it is in the context of enhancing the performance of read-heavy database workloads. We update our applications to employ a read-through or write-through pattern to keep data in the cache fresh and ease the burden on the database. When used in this context, ElastiCache accelerates your high volume […]

How to Build a Chat Application with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Sam Dengler is a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services In this blog post, we review concepts and architectural patterns relevant to a chat application. We also discuss implementation details for a chat client and server, and instructions to deploy a sample chat application into your AWS account. Background information Building a chat application requires […]

Testing Automatic Failover to a Read Replica on Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Darin Briskman is a developer evangelist at Amazon Web Services. You can reach him @briskmad “Trust, but verify.” — U. S. President Ronald Reagan, 1987 In this comment, President Reagan quoted a Russian proverb to describe his philosophy for nuclear disarmament treaties. But the same philosophy also applies well to DevOps! Amazon ElastiCache for Redis […]

ElastiCache for Redis Backup and Restore with Cluster Resizing

Clusters provide a lot of capabilities in Amazon ElastiCache for Redis. Using autosharding to distribute data across the shards of a cluster enables high performance (over 4.5m writes/sec and 20m reads/sec, with each operation typically under 500µs) and high capacity (up to 3.5TiB of data) with high reliability and with recovery of failed nodes usually […]

Caching Hudl’s News Feed with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Darin Briskman (@briskmad) is a developer evangelist for Amazon Web Services. We hope you enjoy this guest post from Joel Hensley, Engineering Director for the Community Tribe at Hudl, a leading software company that is revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. You can reach Joel @fusbal. Hudl […]