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Creating an AS2TrustedDomains DNS TXT record to redirect the AppStream 2.0 native client to a third-party identity provider

The AS2TrustedDomains DNS TXT record can only enable the same domain (or subdomains) in which the DNS TXT record is created. In a scenario where you do not own the domain where your IdP resolves, an alternative architecture is required. In this blog, I outline the process to create an AS2TrustedDomains DNS TXT record for […]

Using custom domains with Amazon AppStream 2.0

For many Amazon AppStream 2.0 customers, providing their users with a familiar experience for streaming sessions is an important requirement. In response to this feedback, we launched custom branding and embedded AppStream 2.0 streaming sessions. Another common customer request is the ability to use custom domains for AppStream 2.0 streaming sessions. This blog post shows […]