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Preparing to migrate to Microsoft 365 apps at scale on Amazon WorkSpaces

Migrating to Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise at scale on Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon Web Services offers two choices to run Microsoft Office productivity applications on Amazon WorkSpaces Family services. One option is to license Microsoft Office as part of a WorkSpaces application bundle. As of August 1, 2023, you have the option to bring Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise licenses to use on Amazon WorkSpaces services. Microsoft 365 […]

Optimizing costs using Amazon AppStream 2.0 fleet options

Today, organizations have challenges with their traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Scalability, performance, and cost are top of mind in the discussion. The migration to cloud native AWS End User Computing (EUC) solutions provide options to leverage the cloud benefits and align with your organization’s requirement. Amazon AppStream 2.0 offers capabilities for your end users […]

How to use automation to optimize and control cost of Amazon AppStream 2.0

As the demand for applications grow, the need to optimize and control the cost of Amazon AppStream 2.0 Fleet resources evolves. Through automation of AWS serverless services, you can control the cost of AppStream 2.0 Fleets. In this blog I will discuss how to use a billing alarm to get an alert when AppStream cost […]

Build an enterprise cost and usage dashboard for Amazon WorkSpaces

Customers often ask how they can gain insight into their Amazon WorkSpaces cost and usage. They’d like to query and visualize their cost and usage data for many reasons: Understand how many hours per month each individual Amazon WorkSpace is actually used. WorkSpaces with low or no usage at all can then be terminated based […]