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Using Waiters in the AWS SDK for Java 2.x

We are excited to announce the general availability of the waiters feature in the AWS SDK for Java 2.x (version 2.15.0 or later). Waiters are an abstraction used to poll a resource until a desired state is reached, or until it is determined that the resource will never enter into the desired state. When interacting […]

Client-Side Metrics for the AWS SDK for Java v2 is now generally available

We are excited to announce the general availability (GA) of the client-side metrics module for the AWS SDK for Java v2. On July 7th, 2020, we announced a preview release of client-side metrics. With release version 2.14.0 of the SDK, client-side metrics can now be used in production environments. Client-side metrics enable you to collect […]

Using the New Client-Side Metrics feature in the AWS SDK for Java v2

We are pleased to announce the preview release of the metrics module for AWS SDK for Java v2! The metrics module enables you to collect and publish key performance metrics recorded automatically by the SDK as you use it. These metrics will help you detect and diagnose issues in your applications like increased API call […]

Provision AWS infrastructure using Terraform (By HashiCorp): an example of web application logging customer data

Many web and mobile applications can make use of AWS services and infrastructure to log or ingest data from customer actions and behaviors on the websites or mobile apps, to provide recommendations for better user experience. There are several ‘infrastructure as code’ frameworks available today, to help customers define their infrastructure, such as the AWS […]

Bootstrapping a Java Lambda application with minimal AWS Java SDK startup time using Maven

We’re excited to share a new Maven Archetype for Java Lambda applications that we released recently and show you how to start building Java Lambda applications quickly, using this archetype. With the new archetype, customers can easily bootstrap a Java Lambda project configured with the AWS SDK for Java 2.x as a dependency and SAM […]

The AWS SDK for Java will no longer support Java 6

The AWS SDK for Java currently maintains two major versions: 1.11.x and 2.x. Customers on Java 8 or newer may use either 2.x or 1.11.x, and customers on Java 6 or newer may use 1.11.x. Free updates to the Java 6 virtual machine (JVM) were stopped by Oracle on April 2013. Users that don’t pay […]

AWS Toolkit for Eclipse: Locally Debug Your Lambda Functions and Amazon API Gateway Using AWS SAM Local

We are pleased to announce that the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse now supports AWS SAM Local for locally debugging your AWS Lambda functions and Amazon API Gateway in Java. See AWS SAM Local for more details about this command line tool. Prerequisites AWS SAM Local is dependent on a Lambda Docker image for running your Lambda functions locally. Before […]