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Version 2 Resource Interfaces

In version 1 of the AWS SDK for Ruby provides a 1-to-1 client class for each AWS service. For many services it also provides a resource-oriented interface. These resource objects use the client to provide a more natural object-oriented experience when working with AWS APIs. We are busy working resource interfaces for the v2 Ruby […]

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Response Paging

We’ve been busy working on version 2 of the AWS SDK for Ruby. One of the features we added recently was response paging. Paging in the Version 1 Ruby SDK In version 1 of the Ruby SDK provides collection classes for many AWS resources. These collections are enumerable objects that yield resource objects. iam = […]

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AWS SDK Core v2.0.0.rc12 Updates

We recently published v2.0.0.rc12 of the aws-sdk-core gem ( This release merges the long-running normalized branch onto master. Upgrading Notes Please note, when updating to rc12, you may need to make some minor code changes. These are summarized below: Service modules now have a Client class, these should be used to construct API clients: # […]

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AWS SDK for Ruby Core Developer Preview

A few months ago, Loren blogged about the upcoming version 2 of the AWS SDK for Ruby. Shortly after that, we published our work-in-progress code to GitHub as aws/aws-sdk-core-ruby. I am happy to announce that AWS SDK Core has stabilized enough to enter a developer preview period. It currently supports 30+ services. To install AWS […]

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AWS SDK Core Response Structures

I blogged recently about how the code is now available for AWS SDK Core. This new repository is the basis for what will become version 2 of the AWS SDK for Ruby. We have not cut a public gem for AWS SDK Core yet. Instead, we have published the work-in-progress code to GitHub for the […]

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Introducing AWS SDK Core

We’ve been working hard on version 2 of the AWS SDK for Ruby. Loren blogged about some of our upcoming plans for version 2. I’m excited to pull back the curtains and show off the work we’ve done on version 2 of the Ruby SDK. AWS SDK Core The AWS SDK Core library will provide […]

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