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Context Pattern added to the AWS SDK for Go

The AWS SDK for Go v1.8.0 release adds support for the API operation request functional options, and the Context pattern. Both of these features were high demand requests from our users. Request options allow you to easily configure and augment how the SDK makes API operation requests to AWS services. The SDK’s support for the Context pattern […]

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We’ve added a feature called Waiters to the v2 AWS SDK for Ruby, and I am pretty excited about it. A waiter is a simple abstraction around the pattern of polling an AWS API until a desired state is reached. Basic Usage This simple example shows how to use waiters to block until a particular […]

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Provision an Amazon EC2 Instance with PHP

Amazon EC2 is a powerful AWS service that includes the ability to provision on-demand servers. While you can easily do this through the AWS Management Console, in this post, I want show you how to use the AWS SDK for PHP to do it programmatically by interacting with the Amazon EC2 API. Let’s create a […]

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