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Are Utilities ready for the Energy Systems of the Future? Hear from AWS Energy experts at DISTRIBUTECH 2023

DistribuTECH 2023

Attending DISTRIBUTECH 2023? You can catch AWS Energy February 7-9 in San Diego participating throughout the event. AWS is sponsoring the C&I & Residential track for DISTRIBUTECH International, the leading annual transmission and distribution event. AWS Energy will be presenting examples of how cloud technologies enable utilities to transform, innovate, and accelerate the energy transition.

See first-hand what Energy Systems of the Future means to our customers and the technologies AWS is providing to help enable this smart, inter-connected, and data-rich system. You’ll hear from leading AWS experts on how energy and technology are intersecting to help accelerate a more sustainable future for the industry. From machine learning for renewable energy optimization, to EV charging, grid modernization, and more, we’ll be touching on a number of topics that are relevant to the utility industry and discussing how technology is transforming the future of the space.

AWS Energy will be leading two main sessions touching on innovation in the utility industry and how the Energy Systems of the Future is changing how utilities operate (additional details below). You can also find AWS experts teaming up with GE Digital in the GE Digital Orchestrate Lounge and live from GE News Desk to discuss topics such as cybersecurity and protecting the grid, and improving grid resiliency. In addition, AWS will be hosting a luncheon discussion around diversity and inclusion with a bright collection of female leaders for Women Reinventing Energy on February 7.

We’ll be presenting Tech Talks throughout the week in the AWS meeting suite for those interested in a deeper dive into technical topics. You can view a preview for some of those tech talks below or if you plan on attending the event, you can sign up for an in-person discussion on your preferred topic.

There is plenty of content to tune into at DISTRIBUTECH 2023. We welcome attendees joining in person to schedule a meeting to hear what AWS has to offer across the utility space.

DistribuTECH 2023 Conference

Session Details

BREAKOUT SESSION: Turbocharging a culture of innovation at the world’s leading utilities
Room 30A: Tuesday, February 7, 1:35 – 2:05PM PT

Now, more than ever, innovation is vital to address the industries’ clean energy and sustainability targets. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a peculiar approach to innovation that is intrinsically linked to how we use technology, and organize our teams. In this session, you’ll be introduced to real world examples of how leading utilities have employed mechanisms, such as “working backwards” or “two pizza teams,” to identify and answer the emerging needs of customers from residential to C&I. This session will enable you to explore the unique Culture of Innovation with AWS and learn the secrets to scaling this across your organization. You will also hear how utility industry leaders apply innovation to empower their digital transformation across generation, transmission and distribution, and deliver differentiated C&I and residential customer experiences.

LIVE SIMULCAST SESSION: Are Utilities ready for the Energy Systems of the Future?
Room 28A: Wednesday, February 8, 12-12:45PM PT

There is a roadmap required to move your utility to the future. Systems must be ready to handle the decarbonization and decentralization challenges posed by the energy transition. They will encompass a diverse set of generation assets, enable close to real time data analytics across transmission and distribution, and empower consumers active participation. Future energy will harness interlocking systems that are collaborative, adaptive and decarbonized. However, the orchestration across the energy value chain is increasingly complex with immense amounts of data that requires significant interoperability. This panel of utility and technology executives will share perspectives on real world projects that unlock growth, innovation and acceleration towards a cleaner, transformative energy future. You can register to attend in person, or watch from your computer here.

Tech Talks

Attendees interested in a technical deep dive on any of the topics below and more can schedule a meeting to talk with an AWS expert at DISTRIBUTECH or watch the Tech Talks on demand.

Agility resilience and business value on Amazon Web Services
Learn how your existing applications can be modernized on the AWS Cloud to increase resiliency and reliability, provide for agile addition of new features to meet business objectives, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Energy bill prediction with Alexa
Learn how a combination of AWS machine learning tools and Amazon Alexa can provide a voice-activated prediction of a customer’s energy bill to help them avoid being surprised by high bills.

Running power grid simulations with HPC on AWS
Learn how to run grid modeling and large-scale simulations through commercial power system software on an HPC cluster consisting of Windows compute nodes on AWS. The example will show how to accelerate power system engineering studies such as generation interconnection and distribution planning analysis in a cost-effective manner.

IBM Maximo Application Suite on AWS Maximo for asset intensive organizations
Learn about what is changing with IBM MAS 8.x Architecture and how you can run your IBM MAS 8.x workload on AWS Cloud, including AWS GovCloud(US). We will explore the various approaches to host MAS workload on AWS and provide prescriptive guidance to help you choose the best option for your organization.

Control Distributed Energy Resources (DER) with AWS IoT
Learn how AWS IoT can deliver ready-to-use DER control capabilities with AWS IoT Shadow service.

Improve EV charging ROI with AWS Data Analytics
We’ll discuss how critical it is to properly ingest, store and manage EV charging data in order to improve the return of investment. Learn how AWS IoT Core, analytics and machine learning services can ingest, analyze, predict and optimize the use of Charge Point Operator networks and implement operational efficiency strategies.

AWS ML for renewable energy optimization
Learn about energy process optimization with machine learning. The example covered in this talk will be yaw angle optimization in wind turbines for optimal power generation.

Meter data analytics on AWS
Learn how the AWS Meter Data Analytics Quick Start v2 kit can accelerate your journey to unlocking the value trapped in your meter data. The Quick Start automates the deployment of AWS data ingest, data lake, and machine learning services to enable valuable grid operation and customer insights from your smart meter data.

Cloud Security: Elevate your security, resilience, and compliance for your critical operations
Explore AWS Cloud security and architecture for power and utilities to address the top priorities of security and reliability. Discuss how security and operational resilience can be built into cloud solutions to elevate security and resilience. As critical infrastructure is the subject of security compliance (NERC CIP, NIS-D, etc.), we look at the alignment of security controls to compliance requirements.

Secure and resilient distribution SCADA on AWS
Learn about secure and resilient architectures for distribution SCADA on AWS. We will look at different approaches to running distribution SCADA on AWS.

AWS digital twin for energy asset visualization
Learn how AWS IoT and digital twin services can be used to visualize energy asset operations so they can be optimized. The example in this video will focus on wind turbine operations, be it onshore or offshore.

Richard Beltran

Richard Beltran

Richard Beltran is a Sr. Content Marketing Manager for Energy at Amazon Web Services. In his role, Richard helps lead the cross-channel content strategy that tells the AWS Energy story and highlights the value we bring to customers and other stakeholders. He has nearly 10 years of experience in the power, utilities and renewables industry, working in various marketing and communication roles across many different operational areas.

Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones leads Solutions Architecture for Power and Utilities in the Americas at Amazon Web Services. He helps customers transform and decarbonize their operations using technology. Outside of AWS, Jones teaches graduate-level courses in project management and analytics at American University. He holds a doctorate in systems engineering from George Washington University and a master's in applied economics from Harvard University.