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Addressing grid capacity constraints with GETs

Addressing grid capacity constraints with GETs

Record renewable energy investment is driving significant growth of low-cost, carbon-free energy in the United States that will help both Amazon and the country meet sustainability goals. Though this investment is a positive step toward a clean energy transition, existing power grid infrastructure lacks enough capacity to quickly connect all this renewable energy generation, resulting […]

Streamlining subsurface data management with S&P Global EDM for Energy, the OSDU Data Platform, and Esri ArcGIS

Streamlining subsurface data management with S&P Global EDM for Energy, the OSDU Data Platform, and Esri ArcGIS

Background Data management plays a crucial role in the energy industry due to its significant impact on the sector’s efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness. Effective data management helps energy companies to make informed decisions, optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve environmental performance. However, one of the common data management challenges in the energy industry is effectively […]

Enhance price capture in energy and commodity trading with AWS machine learning

Enhance price capture in energy and commodity trading with AWS machine learning

In the energy and commodity trading industry, traders negotiate transactions with brokers and counterparties directly. These negotiated transactions are called over-the-counter (OTC) deals. Price discovery for OTC deals is unlike price discovery for common equity, options, and other financial instruments, where pricing information is generally market-efficient and available in near real time. In OTC trades, […]

Maximizing the value of OT data with DeepIQ DataStudio (Data + AI) on AWS feature card

Maximizing the value of OT data with DeepIQ DataStudio (Data + AI) on AWS

Operational technology (OT) data refers to the data generated by sensors and other devices used in industrial settings to monitor and control physical processes. Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, data historians, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are examples of technologies that generate OT data. SCADA systems are used to monitor and control industrial […]

Figure 1 Lyve Mobile solution for subsurface imaging data acquisition and processing

Using Seagate Lyve Mobile Cloud Import to accelerate mass geophysical data transfer into Amazon S3

Overview Energy transition and digitalization sparked a dramatic growth in the volume and complexity of data in the energy industry. The importance of data has increased dramatically over the last decade as companies rethink their strategies and embrace new ways of storing and processing data to drive actionable business insights. As enterprises continue to generate […]

CGL Facility Management’s Technicians Use an App from AWS Partner QModo AI to Fix Equipment Fast

Companies seeking to manage buildings successfully and safely for their customers face increasingly complex challenges. And the complexity of management and maintenance increases in buildings that are essential to society. Facilities for healthcare, manufacturing, and criminal justice, for example, can’t operate if their equipment is down. They must also meet strict regulations, compliance, and safety […]

Figure 1 Conceptual architecture of OSDU Data Platform implementation on AWS

Powering data management on OSDU Data Platform

Overview Data is an essential asset for energy companies. Having a comprehensive view of trusted data that follows consistent business rules can help businesses to make informed, accurate, and timely decisions, as well as streamline data management practices. Fundamentally, having data at the center of the open-source-driven OSDU Data Platform makes it future proof for […]

Applying carbon value modeling to achieve net-zero

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that we need to take rapid action to reduce our carbon emissions. To be carbon-neutral by 2050 and keep the Earth’s mean temperature below 2° C of preindustrial levels, the world must curb emissions by 7.6 percent per […]

Figure 2 The OSDU Data Platform conceptual architecture with new mining industry data schemas

Discovering mining data with Elsevier Geofacets on OSDU Data Platform

Overview Knowing what data you have at your disposal and quickly finding and accessing it has become an essential first step for digital transformation in the energy industry. The Open Group OSDU Forum aims to reduce organizational data silos by facilitating collaboration on the OSDU Data Platform that helps break the barriers to innovation and […]

Xcel Energy migrates CI/CD to AWS Fargate for 60x faster deployments at 82x lower cost

Digitization is transforming the energy industry. However, at Xcel Energy, a major US electricity and natural gas company, legacy technology infrastructure and a reliance on cloud-service contractors were limiting the benefits of digital development. Jared Keith, DevOps lead, joined Xcel Energy in 2019 to help launch new solutions in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and later […]