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Building a scalable data science platform at EDF with Amazon SageMaker

EDF Energy (EDF) is one of the United Kingdom’s leading energy retailers, supplying over 3.5 million homes and businesses with low-carbon electricity and gas. EDF is on a mission to help Britain achieve net zero while being the United Kingdom’s biggest generator of zero-carbon electricity, with a mix of solar, wind, and nuclear generators. The […]

Xcel Energy migrates CI/CD to AWS Fargate for 60x faster deployments at 82x lower cost

Digitization is transforming the energy industry. However, at Xcel Energy, a major US electricity and natural gas company, legacy technology infrastructure and a reliance on cloud-service contractors were limiting the benefits of digital development. Jared Keith, DevOps lead, joined Xcel Energy in 2019 to help launch new solutions in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and later […]

Road to zero-touch automation

At Mobile World Congress, Las Vegas 2022, I had the pleasure to feature on a panel. Mobile carriers are continuing down the path to zero-touch networks automation with the promised potential to eliminate manual errors, improve operational efficiency and reduce time to market for new services. Below are some of the highlights of panel discussion. […]