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Ondiflo is using blockchain to revolutionize the oil and gas industry

Today, in the oil and gas industry, if a truck needed to carry 130 barrels of water from one location to another, representatives from both sides would have to sign off on the 130-barrel quantity, the start location, and end location—along with the time and mileage—just to start the commercial payment process from buyers to […]

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How OAG Analytics leverages AI and machine learning to optimize the profitability of oil and gas wells

In 2013, Luther Birdzell formed OAG Analytics to create an AI platform that enables oil and gas companies to use more of their data to help solve critical problems like well spacing. Today, the OAG-Amazon SageMaker integration enables customers to unify their datasets and create proprietary analyses using virtually unlimited compute. READ MORE Click here […]

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Kinect Energy uses Amazon SageMaker to forecast energy prices with machine learning

The Amazon ML Solutions Lab worked with Kinect Energy recently to build a pipeline to predict future energy prices based on machine learning (ML). We created an automated data ingestion and inference pipeline using Amazon SageMaker and AWS Step Functions to automate and schedule energy price prediction. READ MORE Click here to learn more about Energy on AWS

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Digging deep and solving problems: Well Data Labs applies machine learning to oil and gas challenges

When CEO Josh Churlik co-founded Well Data Labs in 2014, he was acutely aware of a bizarre dichotomy in his industry: For oil and gas companies, “downhole” innovation (that is, what happens underground) far exceeds the pace of data and analysis innovation. The data systems used then were relics of the 1990s – more homages to history […]

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AWS IoT analytics oil and gas customer use case

Learn how an oil and gas company deployed AWS IoT Analytics to help them better understand their assets in the field, derive actionable insights from their data, and build a predictive maintenance solution to help reduce their costs. READ MORE Click here to learn more about Energy on AWS

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Interpreting 3D seismic data automatically using Amazon SageMaker

Interpreting 3D seismic data correctly helps identify geological features that may hold or trap oil and gas deposits. Amazon SageMaker and Apache MXNet on AWS can automate horizon picking using deep learning techniques. In this post, I use these services to build and train a custom deep-learning model for the interpretation of geological features on 3D seismic data. The […]

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