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INVISTA refactors critical legacy shop floor application using AWS

About INVISTA INVISTA is a global manufacturer of chemical intermediates, polymers, and fibers. From parts for the automotive industry to medical equipment, air bags, food packaging, carpet and clothing, our ingredients in the nylon 6,6 and polypropylene value chains help bring many of life’s essential products to market. A subsidiary of Koch Industries since 2004, […]

#6 Communicate a bold vision (featuring Volkswagen)

AWS Industrial Insights Welcome to AWS Industrial Insights. In every episode, we interview visionary leaders from industrial companies to share their insights on technology, innovation, and leadership. This podcast is for industrial business leaders who are looking to make data-driven decisions and learn from those who’ve experienced similar challenges. By interviewing leading executives, we’ll uncover […]

Refactor Legacy Manufacturing Execution Systems into Event-Driven Microservices

Introduction Breaking the traditional methods of factory floor transformation using emerging cloud technology is often met with resistance. Transformation of manufacturers legacy Manufacturing Execution Systems, MES, commonly know as command and control systems is seen as a high-risk disruption. During the refactoring process, the potential of introducing a second of delay on factory floor is […]