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AWS Service Spotlight: Amazon Forecast for accurate demand forecasting

AWS Service Spotlight: Amazon Forecast for accurate demand forecasting

Forecasting is the key to maintaining an effective balance between meeting customer demand and effectively using your resources. An undersupply can lead to disappointed shoppers while an oversupply will sit on shelves until sold or discarded (if passed its useful shelf life). Businesses use everything from spreadsheets, workflows, to complex resource planning software to generate […]

A guide to reimagining merchandise planning solutions with Plantensive – part 2

Part 2 – Navigating today’s rapidly changing retail and CPG landscape with modern technologies The global supply chain disruptions that we’ve witnessed in our industry from 2020 through 2022 have been nothing short of incredible. Lengthy lead times and out-of-stock inventory on everything from paper and cleaning supplies to beef and poultry have created a […]

A guide to delivering supply chain transformation and retail planning from factory to consumer with Plantensive – part 1

Part 1 – A roadmap for suppliers, retailers, and CPG firms for building collaborative solutions covering demand, supply chain, and retail planning When the global pandemic hit with virtually no warning, the retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry was turned upside down. Supply chains were quickly disrupted—and then overwhelmed. Everyday items, like paper and […]