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Easy Genomics Solution for Public Health Labs

Easy Genomics Solution for Public Health Labs

Having timely and complete access to genomic sequencing data and analytics helps public health agencies respond better to a disease. It allows them to know when a new variant increases in prevalence. When paired with clinical and epidemiologic data, it can answer key questions like: Which variants cause less severe illness? and Who is more […]

Accelerating Innovation for a Clean Energy Future

Accelerating innovation for a clean energy future: Startups for the AWS Clean Energy Accelerator 2.0 announced

While climate change is the defining issue of our generation, we don’t yet have all of the technological solutions that we need to address this impending crisis. Without a major acceleration in new clean energy technology innovation, net-zero emissions targets are not achievable. The technologies available today support less than 40 percent of the CO2 […]

Reinventing Energy with the AWS Clean Energy Accelerator 2.0

Amazon’s innovation and resources made available to leading start-ups changing the world. If there had been any doubt in the past, developments over the last couple of years have demonstrated how clean energy has become critical from both a policy and innovation lens. The global climate crisis requires significant innovations in clean energy deployed at […]