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Watch “All things Automotive: The AWS Livestream” – a new show for the Automotive Industry

Introducing “All Things Automotive: The AWS Livestream”

Every other Wednesday this spring, we will be going live with a new episode AWS Livestream series: All Things Automotive. Dean Phillips, Worldwide Tech Leader for Automotive and Stefano Marzani, Principal Specialist SA for Automotive, will host a variety of AWS customers to share their technical insights on specialized topics transforming the connected mobility industry.

By tuning in, you’ll learn how companies like BlackBerry, Verizon, NXP and more are diving deep into emerging technology enabling connected mobility experiences. We’ll cover topics in IoT, Machine Learning, 5G, and Data and Analytics, and discuss how our customers are using these tools to shape the mobility industry of the future. We’ll be taking you on a ride from the Edge to the Cloud… and back!

Each episode will stream live on Twitch, and allow for an interactive environment for viewers to live chat with others passionate about automotive innovation, and learn more about latest developments in driver and passenger experiences. Can’t tune in live? No problem. Each episode will be hosted on YouTube to view on-demand at your convenience on our show page.

Questions for the hosts or guests? Simply email, or send a tweet with the hashtag #allthingsautomotive.

Season 1 Ep. 1: Edge to Cloud and Back: BlackBerry and the Intelligent Vehicle Platform

Livestream starts March 24th at 8AM PDT

In the premiere episode of our new livestream series, All Things Automotive, our hosts from the AWS Automotive team take you behind the scenes of how BlackBerry and AWS are joining forces for cloud innovation. They’ll speak with AWS Principal Product Solutions Architect, Michael Garcia and BlackBerry’s Tarun Shome about the development of BlackBerry IVY,  a scalable, cloud-connected software platform helping create personalized driver and passenger experiences.

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Julia McAndrew

Julia McAndrew

Julia serves as a Senior Marketing Manager for Automotive at Amazon Web Services. She has 12+ years of automotive industry experience with a key focus on marketing and advertising strategy. Julia holds a BS in Marketing from Tulane University, and her passion is building partnerships and developing unique and innovative ways to match customer needs.