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Cloud-native video workflows are now commonplace, with many more broadcasters and video content providers looking to maximize the efficiencies that native cloud services afford. Consumers are driving this demand because of their increasing preference for personalized content. They now spend less time viewing traditional broadcast channels and are expanding their consumption of over-the-top (OTT)–enabled devices.

OTT’s monetization potential is also gaining momentum in the areas of brand loyalty and content selection. These market conditions are increasingly making it a necessity to use the cloud to suit the on-demand nature of content creation. It’s also a necessity to improve capacity, security, and performance.

The ability to move high-quality capture content quickly to the cloud has historically been a limiting factor for creative teams in the initial production process. The present deployment of 5G will soon remove this obstacle and place the cloud at the center of the content creation process, right from the point of capture.

Production sets will begin the ingest process in the cloud as soon as the camera starts rolling. That creates new opportunities to use elastic resources for rendering environments, ingesting workflows, and using machine learning for quality control and metadata cataloging.

The key goal here is to reduce the frequency of moving master content between endpoints. Instead, you enable access and collaborative services in the production process from a secure content lake in AWS.

Studio in the Cloud

Envoi is launching its Studio in the Cloud solution in AWS Marketplace. This solution provides a service framework that enables you to establish your production environment in AWS, quickly and easily.

Envoi has integrated Cantemo iconik, Teradici PCoIP, Aspera, and Vidispine—strong AWS technology partners—into a cohesive solution. You can access all the great features of iconik, such as easy content discoverability, global collaboration, and content intelligence. iconik makes it easy to search for media based on its exact contents.

The integration of Vidispine and Teradici enables easier distribution and editing of media content. This makes it possible to manage full editorial and post-production workflows in the cloud.  The entire solution can be set up using AWS Marketplace in under an hour, and shut down when the project is complete.


Teradici is a key enabling technology that supports access to high-quality content from low-cost remote computers. The service is designed to provide a highly responsive user experience for managing graphics-intensive applications from distant locations. It’s designed to make it simple to securely deliver high-value collaboration workloads from the cloud to any endpoint.

By remotely enabling large file access and management, it eliminates the need to transfer your high-quality content outside the secure storage environment of AWS. This materially increases security and reduces transfer times in a collaboration workflow. Projects can now easily use talented editing and graphics personnel from remote locations with minimal local hardware requirements.

Integration with Amazon S3 makes it easy to move content between cloud services, such as transcode and non-linear editing stations. This makes it much simpler for video content providers to access their archives from anywhere. This solution can also be expanded to Amazon Simple Storage Service Glacier for long-term archiving.

Envoi for content creation workflows

Envoi is joining a very short list of innovative leaders that are providing holistic solutions for content creators. You can focus on the creation process rather than the underlying technical challenges. Envoi’s solution provides a comprehensive platform that can meet the on-demand needs of post-production, finishing, and visual effects.

Envoi can also handle streaming, licensing, and distribution. Envoi takes it a step further, offering a full end-to-end workflow in the cloud. You can avoid the need to install massive hardware infrastructure and manage your content and collaborative workflows in the AWS Cloud. As workflows become more and more global and businesses work to reduce their physical footprint, this service architecture is likely to become standard in the video industry.


If you’re interested in seeing for yourself how this platform can improve your workflow and creative process, Envoi is ready to help.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer, contact us at

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Jack Wenzinger

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