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4 Tips to Help You Send Higher Quality Email

Navigating the minefield of spam filters and deliverability concerns can seem pretty difficult when you’re just trying to put together an email to send out to your list.  To try to make it easier, we’ve put together a few tips that we hope will help you elevate your email quality.

When you’re composing email to send out, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Would you want to receive the email? Think about it like a recipient, and look at your email content.  Will it motivate the receiver to take the action you want them to take (which is NOT to hit the “spam” button!)?
  2. Is your email interesting? Is your email full of marketing-ese about your product that will only make sense to people inside your company?  Or are you providing value to the recipient? That value can mean that your email is interesting, informative, beautiful, or funny – anything that will make your recipient think it’s worth their time to read your email.
  3. Do your links and personalization work? Test your links! Make sure that every single link goes to where you want it to go. Also do a test send, since “Dear Uncle Joe (or whatever their name is)” is a pretty embarrassing greeting for you to send to your recipients. 
  4. Are your links blacklisted? Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will block email or send email to the spam folder that has links back to blacklisted websites.  Make sure your links are good by checking them against and


What other questions do you ask yourself before you send out an email?  We’d love to hear them!