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Optimizing Email Deliverability: A User-Centric Approach to List Management and Monitoring

This is a 2024 update of the 2015 blog post “Amazon SES Best Practices: Top 5 Best Practices for List Management“. While the fundamental principles of effective email list management remain relevant, the landscape has evolved significantly over the past nine years. This updated post aims to provide Amazon Simple Email Services (SES) customers with […]

How to enable one-click unsubscribe email with Amazon Pinpoint

Amazon Pinpoint customers who use campaigns, journeys, or the SendMesages API to send more than 5,000 marketing email messages per day are considered “bulk senders”. If your organization meets this criteria, you are now subject to new requirements that were recently established by Google, Yahoo and other large ISPs/ESPs. These providers have mandated these requirements […]

Simplify your SMS setup with the new Amazon Pinpoint SMS console

Amazon Pinpoint is a multichannel communication service that helps application developers engage their customers through communication channels such as SMS or text messaging, email, mobile push, voice, and in-app messaging. Amazon Pinpoint SMS provides the global scale, resiliency, and flexibility required to deliver SMS and voice messaging in web, mobile, or business applications. SMS messaging […]

Automate marketing campaigns with real-time customer data using Amazon Pinpoint

Amazon Pinpoint offers marketers and developers one customizable tool to deliver customer communications across channels, segments, and campaigns at scale. Amazon Pinpoint makes it easy to run targeted campaigns and drive customer communications across different channels: email, SMS, push notifications, in-app messaging, or custom channels. Amazon Pinpoint campaigns enables you define which users to target, determine […]

How to secure your email account and improve email sender reputation

How to secure your email account and improve email sender reputation Introduction Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable email service that enables customers to send email from within any application. You can send email using the SES SMTP interface or via HTTP requests to the SES API. All requests […]

How to send messages to multiple recipients with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Introduction Customers frequently ask what is the best way to send messages to multiple recipients using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) with the best deliverability and without exceeding the maximum recipient’s per message limit. In this blog, we will show you how to determine the best approach for sending a message to multiple recipients based […]

Creating a Daily Dashboard to Track Bounces and Complaints

(Edited May 22, 2019)—We’ve removed the documentation for this solution from the Amazon SES Developer Guide. Several components of this solution became outdated since we originally posted this article. We plan to fix the outdated components at some point in the future and re-publish the documentation. We’re leaving this post up in the interest of […]

Do Your Recipients Know Who You Are?

When you send an email for your organization, you want your recipients to read it. For that to happen, your email needs to be delivered, and your recipients need to identify the mail as valuable and worth reading. Of course, you need to provide valuable content in the email itself, but there is more to […]

Credentials and SES

Update (28 Jan 2019): We removed a reference to converting a set of existing credentials to SMTP credentials. We recommend that you use the procedures for obtaining SMTP credentials by using the Amazon SES console. Hi SES senders, In this blog post I’ll explain which security credentials you need to use depending on how you […]