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Amazon SES Console Redesign

AWS has been gradually rolling out an improved user interface for the AWS Management Console of different services, and today is SES’s turn! The goal of the console redesign is to enable you to access the same underlying SES functionality more easily, especially on tablet devices. Whether you access the SES console using a desktop computer or a tablet, you will find the redesigned console to be easier to read and easier to use.

Easier to read

  • Larger, easier-to-read text and improved spacing within tables.
  • Optimal use of screen space so you can see more information at one time.
  • The Navigation pane is collapsible to allow more room for information within the main window.

Easier to use

  • All details of a verified sender are shown together. You no longer need to click on tabs to switch between verification status, feedback forwarding, and DKIM settings.
  • You can view the details of multiple verified senders at once by individually expanding the information for different verified senders in the list.
  • Your sending limits and sending metrics are now highly visible at the top of the Dashboard.
  • Buttons are larger and more prominent, which will help tablet users.

Thoughts on the console redesign? We’d love to hear from you in the forum.

Thanks for using SES!