Front-End Web & Mobile

Join us for a week of AWS Amplify launches

This week, as AWS Amplify celebrates its 6th birthday (and Amplify Hosting’s 5th), we’re releasing five new launches based directly on feedback from you, our community. Over the past six years, you’ve helped us grow so much by providing incredibly valuable suggestions via our Discord community, GitHub, and social media. We’ll be releasing features that address some of the top improvement areas you’ve identified.

We could not have come this far without your guidance along the way. Over the years, you’ve:

  • Shared over 11,000 questions and pieces of feedback in Discord.
  • Opened over 20,000 GitHub issues on our open source repos to identify areas for improvement.
  • Built a community of over 150 AWS Community Builders focused on front-end web and mobile.

We’re so grateful for all you’ve done to help make Amplify better over the years!.

Please join our office hours at 9 AM PST/12 PM EST on Nov 15-17th and Nov 20-21st as we announce the launches in our community Discord. We will also have announcement posts each day right here on the AWS Front-End Web & Mobile Blog.

We also invite you to continue sharing suggestions – it’s your insights that will shape the future of Amplify. Here’s to many more birthdays and community-driven improvements ahead!