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NEW: Improved Data Management in Amplify Studio

The Amplify Studio team is excited to announce improvements to the Data Manager experience on Amplify Studio. Data Manager, formerly known as the Content Manager, is a visual interface for you to create and edit data stored within your Studio app’s GraphQL API. With this release, data manager’s reliability and performance will improve significantly, and several new features are available as well. Please use our Github repo to provide us with feedback on the data manager, in addition to informing us of any issues you may be experiencing. You can also join our Amplify Discord server and reach out using the #studio-help channel.

Data Management

  • With the new and improved Data Manager, you can now easily view and manage your data with realtime updates and faster query performance that provides a seamless experience.
  • Data manager now offers more visibility into error handling. Errors will display meaningful messages so you can understand the exact cause for an issue and find solutions.
  • With a simplified input form, you have a robust and clutter free experience when working with complex data models involving one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships.

Create a new record with data explorer

GraphiQL IDE

Data Manager provides an open-source GraphiQL interface for developers looking for a reliable way to quickly test complex queries and mutations on your data. Previously, GraphiQL was only be enabled for projects with Conflict Resolution disabled; however, GraphiQL is now automatically enabled for all Studio projects – just navigate to the Data Management tab in the Studio console and switch between your preferred interface tabs .

Use GraphiQL to test your data API


You can start experiencing these improvements with the latest version of Amplify Studio, available in all supported regions. For more information on Amplify Studio, you can refer to the documentation. We would love to hear your feedback on our Github repository and Amplify discord servers under #studio-help channel to help us prioritize features and enhancements.