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watchOS and tvOS are now GA

Announcing watchOS and tvOS Support on AWS Amplify Library for Swift

We are excited to announce that Amplify Library for Swift now supports watchOS and tvOS platforms! Amplify Library for Swift allows developers building apps for the Apple platforms to easily connect and include cloud features like authentication, storage, maps, and more. Amplify Library for Swift is open source on GitHub, and we deeply appreciate the […]

Building macOS apps using Amplify Library for Swift

The Amplify Library for Swift is now generally available for macOS. Amplify is an open-source client-side library making it easier to access a cloud backend from your front-end application code. It provides language-specific constructs to abstract low-level details of the cloud API. It helps you to integrate services such as analytics, object storage, REST or […]

Getting Started with AWS Amplify on macOS

The latest release of the AWS Amplify Libraries for Swift addresses the most popular issue on the Amplify Swift (formerly Amplify iOS) GitHub repo, macOS support. The Amplify Libraries are now in Developer Preview for macOS and support Analytics, API, Auth, DataStore, Geo, and Storage. In this blog post, you will learn to use Amplify […]

Introducing the AWS Amplify Library for Swift

The Amplify iOS team is announcing the release of version 2.0.0 of the Amplify Library for Swift. Please use this GitHub repo to inform the Amplify iOS team about features or issues, or visit the Amplify Discord server under the #swift-help channel. Highlights Below is a high-level breakdown of the features we are announcing with […]