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Infosys implements AWS Control Tower to enforce multi-account governance

Infosys implements AWS Control Tower to enforce multi-account governance

Today, most enterprises adopt a multi-account strategy on AWS as their workloads scale and become more complex. Because the number of AWS accounts can grow quickly when you use a multi-account strategy, you need mechanisms to govern these accounts and standard guardrails to enforce controls across them. In this blog post, we are going to […]

Self-service VPCs in AWS Control Tower using AWS Service Catalog

One of the first tasks my customers do when creating a new AWS account is to create the right network integration for their enterprise. Typically, this means implementing an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) across a multi-account framework that was provisioned with AWS Control Tower. When these are provisioned in a self-service model, we see […]

Implementing Serverless Transit Network Orchestrator (STNO) in AWS Control Tower

Introduction Many of the customers that we have worked with are using advanced network architectures in AWS for multi-VPC and multi-account architectures. Placing workloads into separate Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) has several advantages, chief among them isolating sensitive workloads and allowing teams to innovate without fear of impacting other systems. Many companies are taking […]