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Using Amazon CloudWatch metrics math to monitor and scale resources

Many applications require monitoring, scaling, and alerting across multiple dimensions. This requirement adds operational complexity for Developer Operations (DevOps) teams, as they must track numerous discrete data points. Instead, you can use Amazon CloudWatch metric math to create composite metrics quickly and easily. In this post, you’ll learn to apply these concepts to monitoring dashboards, […]

Simplified Bring-Your-Own-License experience using AWS License Manager

AWS License Manager’s simplified Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) experience allows you to effectively govern and manage software licenses, such as Windows and SQL Server, that require a dedicated physical server. You can enjoy the flexibility and cost effectiveness of using your own licenses on Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts, but with the simplicity, resiliency, and elasticity of Amazon EC2. […]

How to Track Changes to Auto Scaling Groups Using AWS Config

Recently, AWS Config announced support for Auto Scaling groups. You can now track configuration changes in Auto Scaling groups, such as minimum, maximum, and desired capacities, termination policies, scaling policies, subnets, and instance protection settings. You can also use a new managed AWS Config rule to check whether the Auto Scaling groups associated with your […]