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Manage your fleet at scale using EC2 Systems Manager

This guest post was written by Michael Baker, who works as a DevOps Engineer for the Infrastructure Engineering team at Bulletproof Introduction The Bulletproof Group Limited has spent many years investing in system automation to assist with fleet management at scale. More recently, we have spent a significant amount of time working with Amazon EC2 […]

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Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Automation is now a Amazon CloudWatch Events Target

Today we are excited to announce a new target for Amazon CloudWatch Events: Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Automation. Through this integration, Automation workflows can be triggered by a schedule, or when specific AWS system events occur. Automation is part of Amazon EC2 Systems Manager.  Using Automation you can build workflows that are streamlined, repeatable and auditable. […]

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Maintenance Windows: Support for New Task Types Using Amazon EC2 Systems Manager

In Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, the Maintenance Windows service allows you to define a set of tasks, along with the instances where those tasks should be run and a run schedule. In this post, I talk about a new feature for Maintenance Windows—support for New Task types. Maintenance Windows now supports Systems Manager Automation documents, […]

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Windows AMI Patching and Maintenance with Amazon EC2 Systems Manager

The Automation service, which is part of Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, helps you save time and the effort associated with routine management operations. Automation workflows are streamlined, repeatable, and auditable. For example, you can easily automate manual tasks such as golden image creation, baking applications into Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), or patching and updating agents. […]

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Automate Running Tasks Using Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Maintenance Windows

In Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, a maintenance window defines a specific set of tasks, along with a set of managed instances where those tasks should be run and the schedule for when the tasks should run. Each task also has a velocity and error threshold defined (for example, run the task on at most four […]

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Getting Started with Patch Manager and Amazon EC2 Systems Manager

At last year’s re:Invent, AWS launched Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, which helps you automatically apply OS patches within customized maintenance windows, collect software inventory, and configure Windows and Linux operating systems. These capabilities enable automated configuration and ongoing management of systems at scale and help maintain software compliance for instances running in Amazon EC2 or on-premises. […]

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